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Digital Marketing Innovation Presentation by JHN at Veeva Exchange Korea

September 21, 2017

Dan McGuire of JHN presented on digital marketing innovation to 24 pharma companies at the Veeva Exchange Event in Seoul, Korea. The presentation included digital pharma competitive examples, new technologies, digital health patient ecosystems, and AI healthcare marketing. 

As the healthcare industry is being faced with an ever-increasing need to become more digital enabled to target HCPs and patients more effectively, most healthcare companies are still poorly prepared to tackle the competitive challenges to do so. These challenges will only become more intense as newer impactful innovations enter into the digital equation.  Healthcare companies need to start focusing more on advanced digital marketing innovations, including smarter data, automation, and AI, as these will not only further shape competitive capabilities but also the lives of patients and the HCPs that interact with them.  

Interested in having a digital marketing innovation presentation and workshop engagement for your company?  Please contact JHN.

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